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Walkerware is a wonderful way to bring color and fun to your dinner table. Each piece is custom designed and hand painted with love & care by Walker Davis.

Use and care of walkerware

Walkerware is microwave and dishwasher safe, however all low-fire ceramics are subject to crazing when exposed to thermal shock.* For best results, hand wash and avoid exposure to sudden extremes in temperature. If you choose to wash walkerware in the dishwasher, turning off the 'sanatize' and 'heated dry' settings may help minimize crazing. 

*Thermal shock is a rapid change in temperature that causes the body of a piece to expand at a different rate than the glaze, resulting in hairline cracks.

Tiles shown here are examples and may not be available for purchase at this time. New items will be added to the etsy site frequently.
Check back often!

Walker Davis & Wendy Anderson have an assortment of ceramic art tiles for sale on etsy. 

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Interested in purchasing walkerware? 

Contact Walker directly at


or visit any of the following

retail locations that carry her latest designs. 

Persimmon Gallery

 537 Electric Ave #C, Bigfork, MT 406-837-2288

contact - persimmon537@gmail.com

Glacier National Park

Glacier Park Lodge, Lake Mcdonald Shops, St Mary Lodge, Many Glacier Hotel 406-226-5682

Whitefish Pottery 

​240 Central Ave, Whitefish, MT 406-862-1417​